Why do people use burner email?

People use burner email accounts for various reasons, such as:

Privacy and Security:

Burner email accounts provide an extra layer of privacy and security, allowing users to keep their personal email addresses separate from their online activities. This can help prevent spam, phishing attacks, and other forms of online threats.

Avoiding Unwanted Emails:

Burner email accounts can be used to sign up for services or websites that require an email address, but that may also send unwanted emails or spam messages. Using a burner email account can help prevent these unwanted messages from cluttering up a user's primary email inbox.

Testing and Experimentation:

Burner email accounts can be useful for testing out new products or services without giving away personal information. This can be particularly useful for businesses or individuals who want to test the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns or email outreach strategies.

Temporary Needs:

Burner email accounts can be created quickly and easily for temporary needs, such as for one-time online transactions, job applications, or sign-ups for online contests or giveaways.

Overall, using a burner email account can provide users with greater control over their online activities and help protect their privacy and security.