Email privacy is becoming increasingly important in the digital age. Our personal emails often contain sensitive information, and we don’t want that data being exploited or sold by email providers. Services like offer innovative solutions to help protect your email privacy.

What is is a free, web-based service that provides disposable, temporary email addresses. These addresses can be used in place of your personal email when you need to protect your privacy. generates a unique, random email address that forwards messages to your real email account. You can use this throwaway address when signing up for online services, mailing lists, or any other time you need to provide an email but don’t want to give out your real address.

The major benefits of include:

  • Privacy – Your real email stays hidden and private. The throwaway address protects your identity.
  • Security – If the throwaway address gets compromised, you simply discard it and generate a new one. Your main email is never exposed.
  • Convenience – Easy to create and access throwaway addresses on the go with the mobile app. Useful for accessing public wi-fi hotspots.
  • Control – You decide what throwaway addresses to keep or delete at any time. Prevents spam to your real inbox.

Key Features of comes packed with features to enhance privacy and security:

Complete Anonymity

No personal details are required to create a throwaway email address. The service never asks for your name, phone number, or other identifiable info.

No Data Tracking

Many email providers track user data for marketing and monetization. makes no attempt to gather any private usage data.

Open Access

Anyone can access for free without creating an account. No sign-up required.

Unlimited Addresses

There are no restrictions on how many throwaway addresses you can generate and use. Create as many as you need.

Secure Encryption

All messages between’s servers and your devices are encrypted. This protects the contents from prying eyes.

Message Auto-Delete

For added security, you can have messages auto-delete from’s servers after a set period of time.

Ignore Sender Feature

If a throwaway address receives unwanted spam or harassment, you can permanently block the sender with one click.

Mobile Compatibility

The service works seamlessly on iOS and Android devices. Manage your throwaway accounts on the go.

How To Use

Using to protect your email privacy only takes a few simple steps:

  1. Go to – Access the site on your desktop or mobile device. No registration required.
  2. Generate a new address – Click the “Get New Email” button to create your unique throwaway address, like [email protected].
  3. Check messages – Log into your new throwaway account to view received emails or check the inbox dashboard.
  4. Forward emails – Forward any messages you want to keep to your real, permanent email account.
  5. Reply anonymously – Respond to emails using your throwaway address as the sender.
  6. Discard address – When finished, delete the throwaway account completely along with all its messages.

With these basic steps, your real email remains private and secure. You control what details are revealed online.

10 Useful Ways To Use

There are tons of practical applications for using a throwaway email service like Here are 10 great ways to utilize temporary email addresses:

  1. Use when signing up for online services so they don’t get your real email.
  2. Give out to businesses instead of your personal email when making purchases.
  3. Share throwaway addresses with family/friends temporarily for sharing photos.
  4. Sign up for online forums, social sites, contests anonymously.
  5. Provide throwaway emails on public wi-fi networks for added security.
  6. Give a temporary contact address to people you meet or date before getting to know them.
  7. Share throwaways with kids/teens instead of their regular email addresses.
  8. Use while traveling abroad to keep your data more secure.
  9. Share throwaway emails when asked for contact info but prefer privacy.
  10. Avoid spam by providing false addresses on forms, customer surveys, etc.

Maintaining Your Main Email Privacy

To get the most privacy benefit from, follow these tips:

  • Use a new throwaway address for each site or service you access. Don’t reuse addresses.
  • Only forward sensitive throwaway emails to your main account. Delete the rest.
  • Use the “Ignore Sender” feature for any harassing or unwanted emails received.
  • Access from a private browsing window for added anonymity.
  • Avoid accessing your main email account from public PCs. Use a throwaway instead.
  • Only give your real email to friends, family, or trusted businesses who you know will protect it.
  • Monitor all your registered accounts to see if any have had data breaches. Change passwords if compromised.
  • Enable two-factor authentication on important logins like banking, social media, and email. Security Features employs a variety of technical security protections:

  • SSL Encryption – All account access and network traffic is encrypted SSL protocols.
  • Anonymizing – Strips out IP address info and geolocation data from throwaway accounts.
  • Open Source – The codebase is open source allowing transparency and community audits.
  • Data Minimization – Only email content required for forwarding is temporarily retained.
  • Mandatory Auto-Delete – All messages auto-delete from servers after a set number of days.
  • MITM Attack Protection – Defends against man-in-the-middle cyber attacks that intercept data.
  • Malware Scanning – Multi-engine scanner blocks viruses, trojans, and other malware threats in emails.
  • Security Updates – Constant security patches, updates, and hardening to prevent vulnerabilities.
  • Email Spoofing Prevention – Throwaway addresses cannot be used to send fake/spoofed emails.
  • DDoS Prevention – Protection against distributed denial of service attacks that disrupt access. Privacy Policy Highlights’s privacy policy outlines its strong commitment to protecting user information:

  • No tracking – Zero usage tracking, analytics, or cookies that monitor how you use the service.
  • No selling data – Email contents and metadata are never sold or rented to any third parties.
  • Retain only necessary data – Only temporary email content needed for message forwarding is kept.
  • Mandatory deletion – All forwarded email data is automatically deleted from servers after a set period.
  • No IP address storage – IP addresses are immediately discarded after use and never stored.
  • No ads – The site displays no third-party advertisements at all.
  • Legal compliance – Follows all data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA for European and U.S. users.
  • Security audits – Codebase and practices are routinely audited by independent security researchers.
  • Open source – Anyone can review the codebase on GitHub to verify privacy practices.

Alternatives to

There are a few other anonymous, temporary email services similar to

  • Guerrilla Mail – Provides disposable email addresses. No registration required. Emails auto-delete hourly.
  • Temp Mail – Generate throwaway emails that self-destruct after 10 minutes. Temp Mail add-ons available.
  • Mail Drop – Free temporary emails without signup. Custom @mail addresses available.
  • Mailinator – Public, shared inboxes instead of individual throwaway accounts. Open-source.
  • 10 Minute Mail – Simple UI to generate short-lived 10 minute emails. Easy inbox delete.

However, stands out for requiring no sign-up, having unlimited address generation, full email forwarding, and added security features like ignore sender.


Protecting your personal email privacy is vital in the age of data mining and digital surveillance. provides an excellent solution for creating anonymous, temporary email addresses.

These disposable throwaway accounts let you browsing, sign up for services, and communicate online without sacrificing your real email address or identity. has industry-leading privacy policies banning tracking and data selling.

So if you value your email privacy, head to and start generating your temporary addresses today. Your personal inbox will thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions About

1. Is really free to use?

Yes, is 100% free. There are no paid tiers or upgrades. You can use all of its core features without ever paying anything.

2. Does require me to register an account?

No, does not require any account registration or signing up. Just visit their site and start creating addresses instantly.

3. Can I create unlimited throwaway email addresses?

Yes, you can generate as many throwaway email addresses as you need on There are no limits.

4. How long do the throwaway email accounts last?

The throwaway addresses last indefinitely unless you manually delete them. However, all messages auto-delete from the servers after 10 days.

5. Does work on iPhone and Android?

Yes, works seamlessly on mobile devices. Just access it through your phone’s web browser app.

6. Can I send emails from my throwaway addresses?

No. To prevent abuse, you can only receive emails to throwaway addresses. You cannot send outbound messages.

7. Does forward all received emails?

No, you must manually forward individual emails you want to keep to your real inbox. Nothing is auto-forwarded.

8. What is’s privacy policy?

They do not track, store IP addresses, analyze usage, sell data, or retain emails longer than 10 days. Very strong privacy policy.

9. Is safe for kids to use?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe. It does not ask for any private info and protects their main email address. Ideal for kids social media.

10. Can businesses use

Absolutely. It provides businesses added email security and privacy. Use for signups, customer queries, anonymous feedback, and more.